Our Aim
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Our aim is simple - to assist you in finding happiness in another.
Everyone has a life wish list. Health, success and happiness are usually the top three. The third wish can’t always be accomplished independently. Sometimes it requires another to feel truly happy. That’s where LifeMates comes in. As Canada’s leader of matching people, we listen to your wishes and make them a reality.
LifeMates understands that people’s professional lives often must take priority over their personal lives. We maximize your precious free time by introducing you to people who you have a real potential of connecting with. Our Relationship Consultants are all specially skilled at carefully and intuitively pairing you with people based on realistic compatibility and core values.
We personally meet with all our members and perform thorough screenings. The tough questions are asked up front, so you don’t have to worry about how and when to bring up personal subjects such as: What is the longest relationship they’ve had? Do they want to have kids or do they have them already? Are they financially stable? What are their beliefs, religious and political? Are they in good health? etc.
This information automatically allows couples to be more honest, open and comfortable with each other on the first meeting. Confidence is sexy and important in making a good first impression. But you can only be truly confident if you have some idea of what to expect.
With over 20 years experience, LifeMates has developed into the largest and most-respected traditional matchmaking service in Canada. We have orchestrated countless, successful matches that have lead to long-term relationships. And with our Relationship Goal Guarantee, we will continue to match you until you find the right fit.
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